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At the TAC, our ultimate aim is to achieve our Towards Zero vision - no road deaths and serious injuries.

The rationale for this is simple and is based on the belief that human health is paramount to all else - everyone has the right to use our roads and streets without threat to life or health.

We no longer accept that it's inevitable that people die or be seriously injured just because we have a road transport system, because we do not believe it is ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when using our transport system.

Life and health should never be exchanged for other benefits in our society such as getting from A to B quicker. When someone is killed or seriously injured, we must do everything we can to prevent a similar event from occurring.

Through our partnership with Criciet Victoria, we are informing and engaging the community about our Towards Zero vision and explaining the concept 'Safety is a shared responsibility'. Because, after all, we all play a role in keeping our roads safe.

To find out more about Towards Zero, visit our website at www.towardszero.vic.gov.au

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