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February 2017 Project Update


Construction works at the Junction Oval are well underway in the new year with a key focus in the short term being the completion of the oval, centre wicket and practice wickets (northern and southern end of the site). Sand is being brought onto site and leveled on the oval before the turf is rolled out in February.


The finalization of the oval will be a significant achievement on the project and is a result of significant civil works including widening of the oval dimensions to meet International Cricket Council requirements, adjusting the oval levels and installing new irrigation and drainage to ensure the oval continues to perform at first class standard into the future. 

To the north-west of the site, retaining walls have been erected for the northern practice wickets and the area has been leveled ready for the sand and turf delivery. These practice wickets will be critical to the high performance function of the new state cricket centre by providing additional capacity for the players to train whilst being in close proximity to the main high performance and administration centre.


Structural piling works have been completed at the northern end of the site which will provide the foundation for the three storey high performance training and administration building. 

The Contractor has also commenced installing pre-cast wall panels for the basement level of the main building with further panels to be installed over the next month. Structural steel has been manufactured off site and will be ready to be brought onto site over the next month for installation. These works will see the new main building start to take shape.

Once completed the main building will overlook the oval providing an impressive view through the glass façade on the first and second level onto the field of play.

Further enquiries on the project can be directed to Ryan Czarnecki, Waypoint, ryan@waypointgrp.com.au

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