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November 2017 Update

Continued mild weather during Melbourne's spring has allowed works to continue on schedule and budget.

Installation of a majority of internal partitions (walls and glazing) is currently underway and nearing completion. Floor finishes are now being installed in various key areas (Medical and High Performance)


Mechanical (air conditioning) plant and equipment is now installed and in situ. Mains power to site will be available from mid-November which will see building services (mechanical, electrical & fire etc) commissioning works begin.


External façade glazing facing the oval is now largely completed. Operational windows are available in several of the Media and Radio rooms on Level 3.

Rubber flooring has been installed in the main gym area as well as all lighting and power. A majority of gym equipment is on schedule for delivery late December.

Exterior metal paneling installed on the northern and eastern side of the building has oxidized well and achieved its desired rust color.


Corporate microwave internet connectivity will be establish onsite in coming weeks. This will allow for full IT commissioning in December. Fiber optic cable installation is underway will act a primary connection path.

Internal wall cladding is currently underway in indoor cricket area. High grade engineered concrete/screed will be used on batting half of each lane to ensure surface is as flat as possible to minimize risk of injury.

Internal and seating refurbishment of the Blackie Ironmonger Stand is nearing completion. New stair access to the stand will be installed in coming months.

Rubber flooring in male & female changing rooms is currently being installed. Showers and toilet are currently being installed and joinery will follow shortly thereafter.

Further enquiries on the project can be directed to Doug Rennie, Case Meallin, drennie@casemeallin.com.au

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