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A new school support initiative

Is your school is struggling to resource all its Cricket teams with quality coaching?

Are players are being lost to the game because practices are not challenging or enjoyable?

Do you want to get some different perspectives on your trainings?

Is your school suffering from volunteer burnout and you need some professional help to ease the burden on the teaching staff?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes or if player development is a priority at your school or you want to focus more on technical, tactical and skill-based trainings then the Coach Force programme will be ideal for you.

The Cricket Victoria 'Coach Force' Program is a club support initiative now available to all secondary schools in Victoria. The programme is moving into its second year and we want to continue to assist as many clubs as possible.

Coach Force is a user-pays program designed to assist schools in player development at all levels. The program involves clubs booking a session/s and having a Cricket Victoria Coach Force Coach attend a training session at the club.

The program aims to provide an alternative for school sides without a regular coach, to offer a more in-depth focus for teams or to assist existing coaches looking to provide something different for their players at training. Another key objective is to add value to the current program at a school, rather than replace it or undermine the current structure.

Our coaches will be happy to discuss their thoughts on coaching with your existing coaches post the session and will provide some written feedback on their session to allow you to use it as a building block for further progression.

Click here to view full details regarding Cricket Victoria's Coach Force Program including the types of sessions available, session fees and the booking process.

Click here to book a Coach Force session for your school today!

Coach Force Contact:

Neil Gray - Education & Training
Phone: 9653 1157


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