Clubs Volunteers


The lifeblood of the sport

Cricket is owned and operated by volunteers.

There are many opportunities to become involved in cricket as a volunteer.

Most of these opportunities exist at local cricket clubs and can vary greatly in responsibility and the time involved.

There is always a role to play at a cricket club, no matter how big or small, and can include:

Higher level of involvement

  • Senior coaching
  • Committee member

Lower level of involvement

  • Junior coach
  • Junior team manager
  • Training net assistant
  • Scorer
  • Milo in2CRICKET coordinator
  • Milo in2CRICKET assistant
  • Social coordinator
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Canteen / Bar operator

To become involved at a club, it is as easy as contacting a club in your local area.

There will be plenty of support available within the clubs to assist volunteers with their roles.

People don't need to have previous experience or specialised knowledge.

Cricket clubs provide a great environment to contribute to the community, meet new friends and enjoy the social experience of being part of a club.

To find the contact details of the club nearest to you, head to

Junction Oval

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