Back to News Helping flood-affected clubs back on their feet

Helping flood-affected clubs back on their feet

Coleraine, Casterton and Wando Vale Cricket Clubs in Victoria's far west are recipients of new cricket equipment and pitches care of the generosity of their grassroots colleagues across the state.


The areas were devastated by huge flooding in September - the worst the townships had felt since the 1980s- and all three clubs were in need of support to bring them back on their feet.

Cricket Victoria has provided new equipment and a roll-out synthetic pitch for the clubs while Cricket Australia donated in2CRICKET equipment to replace that lost to flood damage.

Following the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2008, Cricket Victoria helped to establish a fund to assist clubs that lost infrastructure, equipment and had to rebuild their facilities and programs from damage caused by natural disasters.

Since 2008 many clubs have been supported by this fund in re-establishing their clubs after fires, storms and floods.


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