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NICL - Finals Series Preview 2017

After four months of competition, the inaugural National Indoor Cricket League season will conclude this weekend at Springvale Indoor Sports when the NICL Finals Series commences.

Zone winners from across the country will travel to Victoria aiming to cap off a successful tournament by taking out the Grand Final winner's prize of $10,000.

There will be unprecedented coverage of the NICL Finals series with 34 of 49 matches, including Sunday afternoon's Grand Finals, live-streamed via the Cricket Australia Indoor Facebook page and NICL website.

Viewers can also access regular score updates throughout the weekend via and @CA_Indoor #NICL

Victoria will be in strong contention for titles as the host state for the series, with five teams competing across the Men's and Women's divisions.


Frankston Sharks - Men's

Key Players

Rod Bird                                  135 runs, 18 wickets, +146 contribution

Cameron Dinger                     155 runs, 15 wickets, +66 contribution

Clive Rose                               112 runs, 4 wickets, +64 contribution



Friday 10.15am vs. Morphett Vale Sharks *

Friday 4.45pm vs. Huon & Channel *

Saturday 8.30am vs. Wynnum Seagulls

Saturday 2.15pm vs. Townsville Wildcatz *

Saturday 8.30pm vs. Macarthur Raptors


Northcote Knights - Men's 

Key Players 

Ben Sims                                  85 runs, 16 wickets, +81 contribution

Sean Neary                              123 runs, 8 wickets, +73 contribution

Cam Clayton                           109 runs, 10 wickets +49 contribution



Friday 8.30am vs. Seamer Snakes

Friday 2.15pm vs. Wolves

Friday 8.30pm vs. Croydon Raiders *

Saturday 12.15pm vs. Newcastle Steel *

Saturday 6.30pm vs. Toowoomba Dragons *


Croydon Raiders - Men's

Key Players

Travis Baker                           168 runs, 18 wickets, +148 contribution

Justin Perkins                        167 runs, 20 wickets, +138 contribution

Kieran Perkins                       188 runs, 18 wickets, +82 contribution



Friday 8.30am vs. Toowoomba Dragons *

Friday 2.15pm vs. Newcastle Steel *

Friday 8.30pm vs. Northcote Knights *

Saturday 12.15pm vs. Seamer Snakes

Saturday 6.30pm vs. Wolves


Kings - Women's

Key Players

Danielle Montague                84 runs, 8 wickets, +55 contribution

Maddy Wright                        132 runs, 9 wickets, +50 contribution

Nicole Martin                         120 runs, 3 wickets, +39 contribution



Friday 12.15pm vs. Mid North Coast Mavericks *

Friday 6.30pm vs. Springvale Scorpions

Saturday 10.15am vs. Stepney United *

Saturday 4.45pm vs. Striker Leeming Mustangs *

Sunday 8.30am vs. Ipswich Suns *


Springvale Scorpions - Women's 

Key Players

Laura Shaw                            129 runs, 12 wickets, +58 contribution

Deb Loughan                          85 runs, 5 wickets, +33 contribution

Amy Jennings                        109 runs, 9 wickets, -3 contribution



Friday 12.15pm vs. Stepney United *

Friday 6.30pm vs. Kings

Saturday 10.15am vs. Ipswich Suns *

Saturday 4.45pm vs. Mid North Coast Mavericks *

Sunday 8.30am vs. Striker Leeming Mustangs


*Live Streamed Match

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